Jimmy Kimmel Succeeds At Driving His Aunt Chippy Crazy Again

Aunt Chippy makes for such good TV!

Most families have at least one family member that everyone thinks is a little bit crazy!


The question really is, are they good crazy or bad crazy, and the answer is pretty much up to who’s answering.

Take, for instance, Jimmy Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy.

Some say that she is the bad kind of crazy but arguably she makes for good TV!

From time to time, Kimmel plays pranks on his aunt and uses hidden cameras and elaborate hoaxes for everyone’s entertainment!

One of the most memorable was the hysterical sonogram prank.

The one below is no different. The show had to be careful as they suspected that Aunt Chippy had begun to catch on.

They hired an elderly actor to visit Aunt Chippy’s Las Vegas home to disrupt one of her usually calm and relaxing ceramic classes.

Between the antics of the actor, as he tries to follow the insane instructions he has been given and Aunt Chippy’s off-the-wall personality, you are bound to be in hysterics!

In this clip, Kimmel definitely succeeds at his primary passion of driving his Aunt Chippy crazy!

What do you think of Kimmel’s aunt?

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Warning: Some people may find the language in this video offensive.