15 ‘Dad Jokes’ That Are So Corny You Won't Be Able to Stop Yourself from Laughing

Your dad isn’t the only one who thinks he’s a funny man!

If you father likes to crack the occasional and maybe even more regular joke, you might know a little something about “dad jokes.”

It is a real phenomenon and dad and granddads from all over the world are apparently prone to cheesy puns whenever there is an opportunity!

They are often so ridiculous that beneficiaries can’t stop themselves from laughing, and these silly jokes are reliable even if the integrity of their punchlines is often called into question.

You’ll understand exactly what that means when you read the following 15 “dad jokes” shared by Reddit users.

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1. “You’re Gonna Go Study Abroad?”

“What’s her name?” – cmath89

2. “I Might Stop Using Straws…”

“This is the final straw.” – FelixDeCat1969

3. “How Do You Take Your Eggs?”

“Over here.” – Reddit User

4. “I Can’t Tell If I Like This Blender…”

“It keeps giving me mixed results.” – drawsprocket

5. “I Can’t Believe That Penguins Are Always Denied Bail…”

“They’re not even flight risks.” – headexpl0dy

6. “Well…”

“That’s a deep subject.” – yougetahighfive

7. “Did You Watch The New Comic Book Movie?”

“It was very graphic!” – TheRtHonLaqueesha

8. “What Did The Traffic Light Say To The Crosswalk?”

“Don’t look now, I’m changing!” – Carcharodon_literati

9. “I Got Hit In the Head By A Soda Can, But It Didn’t Hurt That Much…”

“It was a soft drink.” – TurtleofAwesomeness

10. “I’ve Always Hated Elevators…”

“So I’ve been taking steps to avoid them.” – TurtleofAwesomeness

11. “I Couldn’t Get A Reservation At The Library…”

“They were fully booked.” – klave7

12. “Did You Hear The Story About The Cheese That Saved The World?”

“It was legend dairy.” – Reddit User

13. “Why Did The Bike Refuse To Move?”

“It was two tired.” – StumptheTrump1

14. “I Started A New Business Making Yachts In My Attic This Year…”

“The sails are going through the roof.” – akjohnston87

15. “I Don’t Really Like To Handle Raw Fish…”

“I’m afraid I’ll get salmonella.” – Brenzek