A DEA Agent Stopped At A Ranch.

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A DEA Agent stopped at a ranch and talked to an old rancher…

He told the rancher

‘I need to inspect your property for illegally grown drugs.’

The rancher said,

‘OK, but don’t go into that paddock over there.’

The DEA agent exploded and said,

‘Look, here. I have the authority of the federal government with me!!’

He removed his badge and displayed it to the rancher.

‘See this badge?!? It means I can go wherever I want, no questions asked. I can and will go into that paddock!!! You understand, old man?’

The rancher nodded, apologised and went about the day’s work.

Not too long later, he heard ear-rattling screams.

He saw the DEA agent running for his life from the rancher’s prized bull.

The rancher looked and knew that the agent wouldn’t make it to the fence in time.

The rancher dropped everything and sprinted to the edge of the paddock.

He yelled at the top of his smoker’s lungs: