The Most Bizarre Gifts That Pets Have Given Their Owners.

Flower power

This cutie brought its human a flower! There must be a picnic spread and a bottle of wine somewhere around …

Smile of the millennium

Dentures! Apparently an elderly couple owned the house before the, and he found their most treasured item. Suits him well!

Genius retriever

This genius retriever knows exactly what to retrieve for her human. Actual food! What a good girl.

The sausage thief

The dirt giver

This guy brought his human some dirt. Maybe as a little hint to start a fruitful garden? Let’s stay optimistic here.

The look in puppy’s face says it all

This happy pup brought his human a baby rabbit in the morning. “Can we keep my new friend?”

The cutest gift ever!

Two beetles are always better than one

Fluffy usually brings human a beetle a day, but today there were two beetles! Must have been a fulfilling day for kitty.

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