This Young Couple Was About To Get Married.

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This young couple was about to get married and the night before their wedding day they had a talk.

They decided that the one thing that they never wanted to have a problem with was initiating s*x in their marriage.

To solve that problem they decided to come up with a “code word” to help break the ice when asking for s*x.

While they were trying to think of a word the washing machine went off balance and the husband says,

“I have an idea, why not use ‘washing machine’ as the code word?”

So washing machine it was…

A year passed by and one night they were lying in bed and she was reading and he was watching TV.

The husband rolls over and says,

“Honey, Washing machine?”,and she replies,

“Honey, not tonight, I’ve got a huge headache. I promise we’ll do it tomorrow night!”

So he say’s, “Alright that’s fine, We’ll do it tomorrow.”

They roll to their respective side of the bed and go to sleep.

However, the wife can’t sleep because she’s thinking, gosh we’ve only been married 1 year so we’re still practically newlyweds maybe I should indulge him.

She rolls over to her husband and whispers,

“Honey, are you still awake??”,

He replies, “Yeah, what do you want?”.

She says, “Washing Machine??”

“Forget about it. It was a small load, I did it by hand.”

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