A Woman Who Had A Cat Called Pu$sy.

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There once was a woman who had a cat called Pu$$y.

One Sunday afternoon Pu$sy ran away.

The woman looked everywhere but couldn’t find Pu$sy so she called up the Police Station.

She gave them Pu$sy’s details (black and fluffy).

They suggested if she did not find her in a week she could come and talk to them at the Police Station.

A week passed and the Police didn’t call so the woman went to the Police Station.

Thinking the Police knew all about it she carelessly asked the first man she saw

“Have you seen my Pu$sy? “.

He replied,

“No, no I haven’t”.

She then asked

“Well, she’s black and fluffy are you sure you haven’t seen her?”

” Well,” the Policeman replied.

” We could easily fix that, how about tonight???”

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