A Wolf Is Walking Through The Forest.

This Is Hilarious.

A wolf is walking through the forest and sees a beaver.

“Come here,” he says.

The Beaver comes over and the wolf, looking at a list in his hand, says

“Ah, there you are. Mr Beaver. You’ll come to the big field tomorrow at 8 am and I’ll eat you for breakfast. Any questions?”

“No,” says the beaver and walks away crying.

The next day, after eating the beaver, the wolf is walking and sees an elk.

“Come here,” he says and the elk walks over.

Looking at his list the wolf says

“Ah Mr Elk, here you are. Tomorrow at 2 pm you’ll come to the big field and you’ll be my lunch. Any questions?”

“No,” says the elk and walks away sobbing.

The next day after eating the elk the wolf sees a rabbit on his walk.

“Ahhh, Mr Rabbit, I’ve been looking for you. Tomorrow at 6pm you’ll come to the big field and I’ll eat you for dinner”

“No, I won’t come”, responds the rabbit.

“You won’t?”


“Ah ok. Then I’ll take you off the list.”