The Wife Asks Her Husband To Play The Game.

This Is Super Funny.

The wife asks her husband to play the game.

WIFE: Let’s play a GAME

HUSBAND: What is the game?

WIFE: If I say the name of a color, you run to the left wall, if I say the name of a fruit, you run to the right wall.

HUSBAND: Hmmm, sounds interesting; what do I get if I win?

WIFE: Whoever loses has to obey the other person for the rest of their life.

HUSBAND: Wow! I have to win this game!

WIFE: Okay, ready?

HUSBAND: Yes, I’m ready…

WIFE: Here we go:- ORANGE…!

HUSBAND has been standing in the same spot for three days…

Figuring out whether she meant a color or a fruit.

Moral of the story:

Don’t mess with women, their intelligence is something else.

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