Two Monkeys Were Sitting.

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Two monkeys were sitting in a tree and a lion was sleeping below them.

One monkey said to the other monkey “I dare you to go down there and f*ck that lion in the a$s.”

The other monkey said o.k.

So he goes down the tree and f*cks the lion in the a$s.

When the lion realized what was happening, he shook the monkey off him and the monkey takes off swinging through the trees.

The monkey is laughing and then sees that the lion is chasing him.

The lion keeps getting closer, and closer until the monkeys think.

“Man I better do something quick or that lion is going to eat me for lunch”.

The monkey panics and jumps into an explorer’s camp, puts on the explorer’s hat, sits in the chair and tries to hide behind a newspaper that he pretends to be reading.

The Lion bursts into the camp and roars, “Did you see a monkey run by here?”

Behind the newspaper, the monkey stammers, “Y… y….you mean the one that f….f…f*cked that lion in the a…a…a$s?”

The lion says,

“God damn it!! It’s already in the newspaper?!?”