It Was Decided To Teach S*x Education In School.

This Is Super Funny.

It was decided to teach s*x education in school and the principal chose his favorite teacher’s second grade class as a trial.

The teacher showed the film, read the material to her students and then asked if anyone had questions.

One little boy held up his hand and shyly said,

“Teacher, I have a boy dog and he jumps over the fence and wrestles with this girl dog and she has puppies. Is this s*x”?

The teacher replied, “Yes, that’s s*x”.

A little girl raised her hand and asked,

“Teacher, I have a girl cat and there’s a boy cat that jumps on her out in the yard and they wrestle. Then she has kittens. Is that s*x”?

The teacher said, “Yes, that’s s*x”.

Little Johnny raises his hand and blurted,

“Teacher, the other night I saw a movie where three guys wrestled with James Bond. Is that s*x”?

The teacher shook her head and said, “No, that was not s*x”!

Little Johnny replied,

“Whew! I thought it would take more than three guys to screw James Bond”!

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