Three Men Are Ready To Tee Off.

What Follows Next Will Make You Go ROFL.

Three men are ready to tee off, the Grandfather, the Father and the Son.

Just as they are about to tee off the hottest looking girl walks up and asks if they will allow her to join them for the round.

They agree, but she says she will only come if they don’t try to coach her on how she plays.

They agree to this as well.

The son then steps up to his ball and hits a decent drive.

The father and grandfather, who hit their balls the same distance as the son, follow him.

Then the girl steps up and smokes her drive a hundred yards past all of the other balls.

The three men watched in amazement and all day long the girl was paring every hole.

Finally when they are on the green on the last hole, the girl is ten feet away from the cup.

She says to the men,

” You guys have been really good about not coaching me today, but I’ve never shot a par before and now I want your help to sink this last putt. So whoever helps me sink this putt I will give a bl0w job.”

So the son looks at the green and where the ball is lying and says,

” You should aim six inches to the right and the ball will break a foot into the hole.”

The dad says,

” No you have it all wrong, You should aim a foot to the right and the ball will break two feet into the hole.”

The grandfather walks up, picks up the ball, unzips his pants, and says,

” That’s gimmie”