A Texan Had Flown To Australia.

What Follows Next Will Make You Go ROFL.

A Texan had flown to Australia to see his cousins farm.

As the Texan arrives he remarks,

“Wow, you call the little thing a truck, Over in Texas, our trucks are three times as big”

The Aussie farmer, standing next to ute shrugs and starts to show the Texan around.

As they a reach paddock with bulls in it the Texan says,

“Gee, you call those long horns? Over in Texas, our bulls horns a meter across both ways”

The Aussie shrugs and continues the tour.

While going to the next part of the tour a mob of kangaroos run out from the bush and across their path.

The Texan shouts,

“What in tarnation are they!”.

The Aussie farmer turns to the Texan and says,

“What? you don’t have grasshoppers and Texas?”

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