Successfully Pranked! This Girl Is Convinced That There Is a Zombie Outbreak in Her City!

Brothers take advantage of the fact that their sister has just had her wisdom teeth removed

Siblings are always looking for a way to pull practical jokes on one another. Cabot Phillips saw the perfect opportunity when he had to take his little sister to have her wisdom teeth removed.

Encouraging his whole family to participate in the prank, Phillips faked a zombie outbreak in their city. He staged a desperate call from their parents, who were supposed to be surrounded by zombies, and even played a fake emergency broadcast on the radio.

High on anaesthesia, his sister Millicent surprisingly jumped into a state of preparedness and began to scold both brothers for their interest in non-essential stuff like packing garden tools when they have guns and questioning whether they should keep the cat or a dog that according to her is “already dying!”

Watch this video on how to survive a zombie apocalypse even after dental surgery!

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