A Snail Is Going Somewhere.

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one day, when he comes upon a shiny metal object in his path.

Undeterred, he climbs on it and goes on, when suddenly the object shakes and a blue coming out of the smoke and proclaims,

“I am the genie of this lamp, snail, and you have rubbed it by going across it. However, since your “rubbing” was extremely slow, you get just one wish. What do you ask for?”

The snail is amazed, but quickly recovers his wits and says,

“I want a Ferrari, customized to my body, so I can drive it.”

The genie says,

“Why a car? You can ask for a jet, or world domination, or anything. Why that?”

The snail replies,

“Well, I’m not a megalomaniac or a greedy snail. When I drive by, I just want people to say –

‘Man, look at that sweet escargot’.”

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