Peggy Johnson Was Suing Her Neighbor.

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Peggy Johnson was suing her neighbor, Dave, for harassment after he kept calling her “pig.”

The two were fighting over their backyard borders, and so Dave took up to calling her a “pig.”

Peggy took him to court and sued him for harassment.

The judge wanted to settle this immediately and issued an order for Dave to stop calling Peggy a “pig.”

“Dave, I’m giving you a chance to walk away scot-free.

However, you can no longer call Ms. Johnson a ‘pig.’ Understood?”

“Well… that doesn’t seem fair- “

“-We can let this go to trial, you can spend thousands on lawyers, but if Ms. Johnson’s attorneys can prove to call her a ‘pig’ leads to emotional damage, you’ll end up owing a lot.”

Dave paused. “OK, fine. Can I call a pig ‘Ms? Johnson’?”

The judge looked over his notes.

“Yes… you may call a pig ‘Ms. Johnson’ without fear of legal recourse.”

Dave turned to Peggy and said

“Good afternoon, Ms. Johnson.”

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