One Night A Guy Goes To Get A Room In A Hotel.

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One night a guy goes to get a room in a hotel.

“Hello, I want a single room for the night please.”

“Fine, sir, here’s one of our best rooms. Room 13,” says the concierge and hands him the key.

The guy goes upstairs, takes a shower and gets straight into bed.

At about 2 o’clock in the morning, two gorgeous naked women come in and slide under the covers.

When he realizes what is going on, he starts screwing both of them He can’t believe what’s happening.

Next morning, still surprised by last night’s events, he goes downstairs to settle the bill.

“How was your room sir?” asks the receptionist.

“Excellent, I will come back again. What do I owe you?” asks the man.

“Well… actually, sir, we are doing a promotional offer. Not only do you not have to pay but we give you $10 as a welcome gesture,” says the receptionist.

“What?” says the guy, very surprised indeed. “That’s amazing.”

He takes the ten-dollar bill and wanders off, debating whether his buddies will believe him or not.

Needless to say, after a few days he’s told all his friends and neighbors about room 13 and the amazing night of passion.

The next week one of his buddies goes to check out the room. “Room 13 please.”

“Certainly, sir, here’s your key.”

After he gets in bed, at the same time, 2 o’clock, three girls this time, extremely horny, get in bed and screw his brains out. The next morning, not only does he not have to pay, but he too gets $10.

After a month, everyone knows this hotel and especially room 13. Everyone that stays in room 13 gets the same treatment: a good screw and a ten bucks.

After a few weeks, the story reaches an archbishop.

The archbishop decides to check the story out for himself. He visits the hotel and asks for room 13. He gets the keys and goes upstairs.

After a couple of drinks he gets in bed waiting patiently for the naked girls to appear. Indeed at about 2 o’clock in the morning two naked ladies come to bed.

They are as homy and wild as all the stories the archbishop has heard. The archbishop gets his pecker out and screws the both of them all night long. This is the night of his life.

Next morning he goes to reception and when he asks how much the bill is, the receptionist says,

“Nothing to pay, sir. Actually, we are doing an introductory offer. Here’s $50 as a welcome gesture.”

Curious, the archbishop asks the receptionist, “Well, that’s strange. Everyone else who comes here gets $10.

Why do I get $50?”

“Well, sir,” says the receptionist.

“This is the first time we’ve filmed a p*rn movie with an archbishop in it!”

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