An Old Woman Wins The Lottery.

This Will Blow Your Mind.

An old woman wins the lottery

Edith, 95 years old, a holocaust servivor, one day scoops big on a $250m jackpot.

She is asked on to her local radio station for an interview.

She brings along her best friend Betty who was with her in a concentration camp.

When asked by the host what she is going to do with her winnings.

Edith says:

“Well I’m going to treat me and Betty to a lovely cruise, I’m going to leave most to my loving family. Oh, and of course a large donation will be made to the German National Socialist Party.”

The host and Betty are both stunned. After a brief silence, Betty scorns her friend:

“Edith, how could you? Do you not remember the camps?”

“Of course I do.” she points to her wrist

“But without them, I would have never got the winning numbers”