An Old Spinster Mildred Was The Church Busybody Of Smallville.

This Is Super Funny.

An old Spinster Mildred was the church busybody of Smallville, extremely judgmental and constantly clucking her tongue at the least indiscretions of others.

One Sunday after services, the congregation met in the basement of the church for a potluck lunch.

Over the din of the crowd, Mildred’s shrill voice could be heard chastising Henry, a quiet unassuming gent who lived alone in a small cabin on the edge of town.

“So what were you doing at the Redstone Bar last night, Henry? Getting drunk?”

Henry quietly replied,

“I wasn’t in a bar last night.”

“Yes, you were!”, Mildred loudly replied.

“I saw your old pickup truck parked in front. There is only one reason for parking your truck there!”

By then, others in the crowd had ceased talking and had their attention riveted on the altercation.

Henry wasn’t one to draw attention to himself.

He mumbled a few words and quietly walked away.

That evening, shortly after dark, Henry parked his old pickup truck in front of Mildred’s house and walked home.

Ya gotta love guys like Henry, eh?

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