Old Mountain Man Invites Businessman For Party.

This Is Truly Hilarious.

A big-city businessman has had enough of the rat race so he moves to an isolated cabin deep in the woods.

He’s been there a few days when there’s a knock on his door.

There stands a grizzled old mountain man.

“I live over that mountain. I come to invite ya to a party,” says the old man.

“Well this is a surprise,” the man says.

“I didn’t even know I had any neighbors. I’d love to go to a party. Thanks for inviting me!”

The old man turns to walk away, then turns back.

“I guess I should warn ya. There’s gonna be drinking’.”

“Well, I can certainly hold my liquor. No problem there.”

“And I guess I oughta let you know, there’s gonna be fighting’.”

“I never go looking for trouble, but I think I can handle myself.”

“And you should know there’s gonna be loving’.”

“Hmmm. Well, I have been getting lonely out here, so I think I can handle that too!”

The old man once again turns to walk away.

The man in the cabin calls out,

“Wait! Should I bring anything?”

“Bring anything you want. Just gonna be you and me.”

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