An Old Man And His Parrot Went Cruising On A Plane.

This Will Make You Laugh Crazy.

An old man and his pet parrot went cruising on a plane.

The parrot would sit on the aisle seat watching the callipygian flight attendant doing her rounds, pushing the cart along the aisle serving refreshments.

As she strutted past the parrot’s row, the feathered passenger would place a quick, firm peck on the stewardess’s protruding b*ttocks.

Surprised, embarrassed, and angry, she would swing around prepared to slap the offender but notices the parrot on the armrest nodding at her,

“Pretty Polly like you … Pretty Polly like you …”.

Relieved that the culprit was not some perverted moron, she’d break out laughing and so would the onlookers.

They’d go, “Oh, how cute …”!

This happened a few times over and the Attendant would go along with this innocent teasing.

“Hmm …” mused the parrot’s owner silently.

“She’d not notice if I were to stick her b*tt. She’d think it’s the cute parrot …”

So the next time around, he distracts the parrot with a slap, then, as the magnificent rump moves forward past their row, he sticks a swift finger into her cleft with his face turned innocently away!

But, too late! He’s discovered! and met with a resounding slap.

The other passengers join in and, after giving a thorough kicking, everyone decides to throw the parrot and his owner out of the plane in mid-flight!

At 20,000 feet up in the air (and going down very quickly!), the parrot, now perched on his master’s shoulder says,

“Listen, you dumb sh!t! If you can’t fly, don’t let your fingers do the walking!”

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