An Old Farmer Was Sitting On His Porch Late One Evening.

This Is Truly Hilarious.

An old farmer was sitting on his porch late one evening.

He noticed his neighbor walking up to his driveway carrying two of his chickens.

His neighbor tells him that they were in his yard and they must have gotten out through a hole in the fence.

The neighbor tells the farmer that since it’s so late that he will walk the fence line with him and help him patch any holes in the fence so he doesn’t lose any more animals.

The farmer agrees and goes inside to fetch a couple of flashlights and they start walking the fence line together.

Everything looks normal until the come up to a goat with his head stuck in the fence.

Without hesitation, the old farmer drops his pants and starts having his way with the goat.

He was giving it all he had.

And when he was finished, He looked at his neighbor and said

“Do you want some of this?’

The neighbor said

“Hell yeah, I do! But I’m not getting my head stuck in the fence!”

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