An Old Couple Drives Into A Gas Station.

You Never Expected This.

Traveling through the country, an old couple drives into a gas station.

The attendant asks the old man,

“Where you folks from? I know everybody in this town.”

The old man says, “We’re from Nebraska.”

Hard of hearing, the old lady nudges her husband,

“What did he say, Papa ?”

The old man answers her,

“He asked us where we are from.”

“Oh,” replies the old woman.

The old man tells the attendant to fill up the tank and check the tires.

When that’s all done, the attendant tells the old man,

“You know, the worst piece of ass I ever had was from Nebraska.”

The old lady nudges her husband once more and asks,

“What did he say, Papa ?”

The husband replies, “He thinks he knows you, mama.”

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