An Old Accountant Had A Curious Habit.

This Will Surely Blow Your Mind.

An old accountant had a curious habit

Every day, just after he arrived in the office, he would take a small and battered yellow envelope from his drawer and peruse attentively the single sheet of paper inside.

Then, he would take a glance around the office, smile, and nod to himself, and go on with his day normally.

His employees were curious about the contents of the yellow envelope but the old accountant refused to talk about it.

After many years and a successful career, he decided to retire.

Choosing a successor from the employees, he showed him the ropes, introduced him to the clients and left him his old desk and computer.

“Sir,” said the successor.

“Before you leave, can you give me one more thing? May I have your yellow envelope and its contents?”

The old accountant was silent for a minute but then he shrugged.

“I reckon I have no more use for it. Here, you can have it. Good luck, sonny.”

And left.

The next day, the new senior accountant arrived at the office and went straight to the desk.

He took the yellow envelope from the drawer and with trembling fingers opened it and removed the single sheet of paper.

He read it and it said:

“Debit is the side closer to the window, credit is the side closer to the plant vase”.

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