Toddler Leans In To Kiss Dog – Dog’s Response Has Internet Dying Of Laughter

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Well, the same goes for very young men. This toddler has a fluffy friend to always be by his side – and the two have already gotten into some pretty wacky antics. You’ll never guess how this boy reacts to his dog’s signs of affection.

Families often get animals to grow alongside their young children. A pet serves an important role in a young child’s life: these sweet animals often become the best friend and confidante of the kid. The two share secret adventures and build bonds that will last a lifetime.

Source : YouTube Rumble Viral

Tegan is a toddler who loves getting to know his furry friend, Ralphie. Ralphie is an adorable Newfoundland. He is big, brown, fuzzy, and has lots of love to give. This pup might be a lot bigger than his human companion, but the two are already becoming the best of friends.

Tegan and Ralphie like to play together in front of the family. Their main hangout spot is in the living room. There, Ralphie lounges on the floor near his brother, a black dog with the same sweet demeanor. This pup is always patient and kind, especially when it comes to interacting with his favorite young human.

Source : YouTube Rumble Viral

One day, as Ralphie was sprawled out across the floor, Tegan decided to get to know his partner in crime. He walked up to the dog and bent down to give him a big kiss. This little boy was absolutely shocked at what happened next!

Ralphie licked Tegan’s face over and over with his massive tongue. Clearly, the dog was in love with his tiny owner. Tegan, however, did not appreciate the affection as much as the pup had hoped. “Eeeewwwwww!” the boy screamed as he backed away from the pup.

Tegan’s face contorted as he turned to face the camera. He was completely disgusted with the slobber spread across his face! Clearly, this was not what the toddler had been expecting when he bent down to kiss his dog. The little boy paced until the shock had worn off. He leaned toward the dog a second time, but he was met with the same response. Tegan did not want Ralphie’s kisses.

Source : YouTube Rumble Viral

This adorable video shows the purity and innocence of youth. You won’t be able to stop smiling as you remember how much wonder the world can be filled with, even in the smallest of details.

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