A Nonconformist Bird Always Like Doing His Own Things.

This Will Blow Your Mind.

There once was a nonconformist bird that always likes doing his own things segregated from the others.

The bird decided not to fly with the other birds to the south for the winter.

He said “I’ve had enough of this flying south every winter; I’ll just stay right here on this farm, what’s the big deal, anyway? Nothing bad can happen to me, I’m old enough to take care of myself and decide things on my own”

So he stayed.

When Winter came, it was very cold; the nonconformist bird had never felt such cold weather in his life before and was very afraid that he might freeze to death.

Now realising that he had made a very big mistake by staying, he headed to a nearby barn for shelter.

On his way to the barn it began to snow.

It snowed for a very long time.

The poor bird was too cold, so tired and very hungry.

“Why did I stay?”

The nonconformist bird asked and blamed himself as he collapsed on the ground.

As he lay there covered by the snow, a cow happened to come by.

The cow, feeling the need to relieve himself, crapped right on the bird.

At first, being angry the bird said,

“Who is the idiot that did this horrible thing to me, how dare someone crap on me, I get to punish him for this!”

The crap was too heavy for him to free himself.

But, after a while, the crap began to warm him and he forgot all about his anger.

In fact, he was so warm that he began to sing.

A buzzard who was passing overheard the singing and went down to investigate.

As he cleared away the crap to his delight he found the bird.

The bird was so happy to be free from the crap that he thanked the buzzard, who then decided to eat the little bird.

The moral of this story:

Just because someone craps on you, it does not make them your enemy, and just because someone gets you out of the crap, it does not make them your friend.

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