A Newly Wed Couple Are Off On Their Honeymoon In Australia.

This Is Funny.

A newly wed couple are off on their honeymoon in Australia

They were out swimming in the sea when all of a sudden, a jelly fish stung the wife in the [email protected]

They quickly went to the hospital and the doctor said

“it looks like you will be okay but due to the swelling you won’t be able to have s*x for at least a couple of weeks.”

The couple were so disappointed and when they go back to the hotel, the groom goes to the bar.

The bartender there asks what he is doing on his own and the groom fills him in on the story

“I just don’t know what to do, I can’t make love to my wife on our honeymoon”.

The bartender looks at him with concern and says “aaah bummer mate”.

The groom looks at him with delight

“you’re a genius thank you so much!”

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