A Newly Married Couple Is Driving The Back Roads.

This Is Truly Hilarious.

A newly married couple is driving the back roads in Arkansas and needed to stop for gas.

They happened upon a small gas station.

As they went to pay for the gas they noticed an older man sitting by the door.

Just being a little silly the husband says “Howgh”, and raises his hand in the air.

The older man nods.

Inside the gas station, they ask the teller about the older man.

“That man is incredible. He was a Chief of his tribe and has come here to live out his last years. He has a memory you won’t believe. He can tell you what was happening any time of any day of his life.”

Skeptical, the couple went outside to talk to the old man.

“I heard you have a great memory. What were you doing 45 years ago today at this exact time of day?” asked the husband.

The old man thought for a moment and responded

“I was scr*wing one of my wives.”

Dissatisfied and disbelieving his answer the couple gets in the car and departs.

10 years later the couple happens to be driving the same back roads and see the gas station is still there.

They decide to stop and see if the older man is still there as well.

They walk to the door and he is still sitting there in the same spot looking exactly the same.

Just to be silly again the man approaches with his hand up and says “Howgh” to the old man.

“Doggystyle” he responds.