A Mime Is Working At A Zoo.

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A mime is working at a zoo…

One day, the head zookeeper pulls him aside to chat.

He says,

“Bobo, our silverback gorilla, the star attraction here at the zoo, has died. We don’t want to lose the revenue, so we want to hire you to dress up in a gorilla suit and pretend to be Bobo. We’ll pay you to double what you’re making now.”

The mime agrees and starts the next day.

At first, it’s fine, and he enjoys being Bobo.

But after a couple of weeks of doing the same thing every day, he’s a bit bored.

So he decides to give the audience a real show.

He climbs to the very top of his enclosure and swings around, pounding his chest, and the crowd is loving it.

Just then, he slips and topples over the fence into the next enclosure, which is the lion’s pen.

The lion starts to go after him, and at first, the mime keeps up the shtick, running away like a gorilla.

But as the lion gets closer he gives up and just runs as fast as he can.

Finally, the lion leaps on him and pins him down.

Now he gives up on the whole bit and starts yelling,

“Help! Help! I’m a person in here!”

And the lion goes,

“Dude, you’re gonna get us fired.”

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