A Middle Aged Man Was Tired Of His Job In The City.

This Is Truly Hilarious.

A middle aged man was tired of his job in the city and wanted a place where he could relax.

So he decided to go to the seaside and buy a house.

He found the perfect house and was about to buy it when his next door neighbor to be shows up: a very fit, athletic 85 year old man, with a full head of beautiful silver hair!

Hey old timer, it seems this place has done you good! You look very fit and in shape.” Says the man

“You wouln’t believe the wonders of this place, when I first set foot here I couldn’t even walk, and I was bald! Now look at me!” He exclaims.

The man, who had been fearing of growing old, bald and weak, is very excited at this news, and immediately buys the house next door.

However, a month passes by and, shockingly, the man starts balding and feels no different physically.

So he decides to speak with the old timer.

“Hey old timer, you said you grew hair and started walking after you moved here, but I’m balding, what gives?

How long have you been here for these effects to show?” says the man

The old timer simply responds:

“Well, sonny, I was born an raised here, so it might take a while!”

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