Married People Share Their Biggest Wedding Day Regrets

From finding and hiring an unprofessional priest online, to letting an amateur photographer do the wedding shoots and lose them afterwards, couples share one thing they regret the most about their wedding.

1. You want sharks, go get sharks!

My birthday is Halloween and our wedding date is mid November.

We went to Vegas and stayed at the Mandalay Bay hotel for my Halloween birthday and blow off some pre-wedding steam. We got way too drunk and ending up getting married early. We got married at the Mandalay Bay hotel and got free tickets to the shark tank there.

There is a picture of us, completely wasted, in Halloween costumes, holding up our marriage certificated with a shark behind us. It cost $150.

We vow to never tell a soul. That picture and our real marriage certificate is hidden in a picture frame behind our fake certificate and picture.

Our November wedding was a mess. People were getting drunk. Making remarks about how I was going to get laid that night. My mother-in-law embarrassed us. My nephew was barley a year old and walking like a drunk. We were pulled apart from each other the whole day. Half of those people left after we served cake. One woman was digging for gold in her nose when we said our vows. It cost $5,000+.

You don’t have to go out all 9 yards for these people. It is your day, remember it. If you want to get drunk, get married in Mandalay Bay, and see some sharks. You do you. Who cares if your Great Aunt Kathy wants a family events with EVERYONE with rose gold colors. Great Aunt Kathy isn’t getting married, you are.

If you want sharks, go get sharks.

2. The worst behavior at a wedding

Inviting a certain family member. My mother died a few weeks before the wedding (we’d moved it as close as we could) and with the stress of her being ill I couldn’t cope with my Grandmother moaning that we hadn’t invited these family members.

Well, they showed up (after handing the RSVP to me at my mothers funeral while they were loading the coffin into the hearse), they ate food from everyone else’s plates (sit down dinner and they mine swept the food of people they’d never met before), took and ate an entire tier of wedding cake and then kept getting the DJ to play naff love songs dedicated to each other rather than the playlist we’d requested.

It wasn’t the worst behaviour I’d ever seen from them at a wedding but it was definitely the worst behaviour at my wedding.

3. Getting engaged at a wedding

My stepsister got engaged at my wedding reception, and I didn’t punch her or her fiance for it later.

Apparently the two of them arranged the whole thing together – that he would pop the question halfway through the daddy-daughter dance.

Their marriage lasted all of two years, as well.