A Man And His Wife Are Travelling Through Florida.

Find Out What Happen Next.

A man and his wife are travelling through Florida when they notice a sign telling them that the town they are entering is called Kissimmee.

They quickly start arguing about the correct way to pronounce it.

“KISS-a-me,” says the husband.

“That’s wrong,” says the wife,

“The right way to say it is kis-A-me.”

“Not necessarily,” says the husband,

“It could also be kis-a-ME.”

Their argument continues as they enter town, and decide to stop to buy some lunch.

After finding a suitable parking place, they head inside to the front counter to order their food.

The husband decides that this is a good opportunity to be proven right, and settle the argument with his wife.

“Excuse me,” he says to the waitress at the counter,

“My wife and I can’t figure out the right way to pronounce the name of this place. Will you please tell us where we are, and say it slowly so that we get it right?”

“Sure,” says the waitress.

“Buuurrrgerrrr Kiiinnnnggg.”