A Man Finds A Genie In A Glass Bottle.

What He Did With His Three Wishes Will Amaze You

A man was walking along the beach when he came across an old glass bottle with a cork in it.

Curious, he pulled out the cork, and with a loud bang and a cloud of smoke, a genie appeared. Excited, the man asked:

Does this mean I get three wishes?”

Yes,” said the genie.

But all my wishes come with a price.”

I want to be rich,” said the man.

And the genie replied:

Very well, but it will cost you your good name, and all the people will dislike you.”

Who needs friends when you have money?” said the man.

“Do it.”

The genie waved his hands and said:

It is done. What is your second wish?”

The man thought for a minute and said:

“I wish for a beautiful wife.”

“This will cost you your looks,” said the genie.

“You will be ugly and strange.”

“With a beautiful wife, I no longer need to be attractive,” said the man. “Do it.”

The genie waved his hands and said:

“It is done. What is your final wish?”

The man thought for a moment and said:

“I wish to be ruler of the whole world.”

I can grant this wish,” said the genie, “but it will cost you all of your intelligence.

You will be like a newborn baby, unable to speak or know what’s happening around you.”

“That’s no good,” said the man. “I want to be able to enjoy it. What can I get for half my intelligence?”

“Well, I could help you run for president…”

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