A Man Comes Home From A Tough Day.

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A man comes home from a tough day at work and sits down on the couch.

His wife comes up to him and asks how his day was.

“It was the worst day this month. Everything went wrong and the boss blamed me for everything, even things that I had nothing to do with”.

His wife said,

“I’m sorry to hear that, let me try to cheer you up”.

The husband replied,

“I don’t think that there is anything you can do to make me smile today”.

“I think I can make you smile with my right hand”.

“Not a chance” was the husband’s reply.

“What about if I use both of my hands”?

“Nope, it was a really bad day”.

“How about I use both my hands and my mouth”?

“That’s not going to do it either”.

Finally the wife says

“how about I use both of my hands, my mouth and my tongue”?

The husband says

“OK, let’s see what you’ve got”.

The wife walks up to her husband who is still sitting on the couch, she gets on her knees and sticks her thumbs in her ears, flaps her fingers, sticks out her tongue and goes thppplllt!

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