There Was A Magical Frog In A Forest.

This Is Mind Blowing.

Once there was a magical frog in a forest.

He woke up one morning and said to himself,

“Today I’m going to be generous. I will grant 3 wishes to the first 2 animals I see.”

He goes outside and he sees a bear.

Soon after he sees a rabbit.

The frog calls over the bear and the rabbit, and he tells them,

“I am going to grant you both 3 wishes.

Bear what is your first wish, since you were the first animal I saw?”

The bear goes,

“Hmmm… I want all of the bears in this forest, except me, to be female.”

With a click of the frog’s tongue he replies,

“Done. Now rabbit what is your first wish?”

The rabbit says,

“I want an AWESOME motorcycle helmet!”

Pooff an awesome motorcycle helmet appears on the RS it’s head and the rabbit is SUPER excited.

“Okay bear, now for your second wish?”

The bear says,

“Why would the rabbit wish for such a stupid thing? I want all the bears in this COUNTRY, except me, to be female.”

“Done. Rabbit now you.”

The rabbit goes

“I want an AWESOME motorcycle!”

Pooff a motorcycle appears and the rabbit is riding it around with his awesome helmet.

The bear says,

“This is dumb. Why would the rabbit waste his wishes on stupid things like a motorcycle? For my last wish, I want ALL of the bears in the WORLD, except me, to be female.”


The rabbit replies,

“For my last wish… I want the bear to be gay.”

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