After A Long Married Life Grandma And Grandpa Are Bored With Their S*x Life.

This Will Make You Go ROFL.

After a long life married together, grandma and grandpa are bored with their s*x life…

but Grandpa comes up with a great idea!

he says: “Darling, things in bed have been the same for half a century. i think its time we try something new. so, ive been thinking about it, and i had a *realy* great idea!”

“Ohhh you!” replies grandma: “what do you have in mind?”

“So this is the idea” grandpa explains: “I bought this bunch of flavoured condoms. i will put one on, and you try to guess the taste!”

“Omnomnunknomsuck” grandma goes smaks her lips twice and with a proud look in her eyes she knows: “PARMESAN!”

“stupid b!tch!!” grandpa compliains:

“you have to wait for me to put it on first!”

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