A Girl Lobster Meets A Crab Boy.

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A girl lobster meets a crab boy,

they quickly hit it off and start dating.

Unfortunately, the girl lobsters’ father is dead set against interspecies relationships and tells his daughter.

“If you keep seeing that crab boy, I’m cutting you off, no daughter of mine will be with a ‘sideways walker’, I will not stand for it.”

Upset, the girl lobster tells her crab boyfriend about her father’s feelings about ‘sideways walkers’,

the boy crab in love with the girl lobster resolves that he will learn to walk forwards and backward to prove his love and win her fathers blessing.

He practices for weeks and finally overcomes his natural urge to walk sideways.

Ready to show his true love father that love conquers all he arrived at the girl lobsters house.

As he is making his way up the sidewalk, in a perfectly straight forward line he hears from inside the house

“that does it, Lola, (girl lobsters name apparently) that good for nothing crab is here, and he’s already drunk.”