Johnny Was Looking For A Summer Job.

This Will Make You Laugh Crazy.

Little Johnny was looking for a summer job.

So he goes to a neighbour and asks if he has worked for him.

The farmer says,

“No, but his neighbour a farmer might have work”.

So johnny goes to the other neighbour and asks him for a job.

The neighbour says,” sure u can paint my barn red”.

So johnny starts painting.

When he comes to the door the donkey is standing there so he painted the donkey.

The farmer got mad n sent johnny to fix the fence,

as he was fixing the fence he saw the rooster sitting on a fence post

so he stapled the rooster toe to the post the farmer got mad and sent him to mow the yard

Johnny saw the farmer’s wife’s cat and ran over it and mowed it to pieces the farmer,

Now furious fired johnny a week or 2 later the other farmer asked him how’s johnny doing

He said, “I fired him”

He asked, “why,”

The farmer says,

“cause first he painted my a$s red then he stapled my cock to a fence post then he ran over my wife’s pu$sy with a lawnmower.”