It's Little Johnny's Birthday.

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It’s little Johnny’s birthday and his parents say he can have whatever he wants.

He first asks his dad if they can shower together.

“sure, son. Just don’t look down.”

Johnny looks down.

“what’s that daddy?”

Quick to think, his father replies,

“that’s my limousine.”

Later that night, little johnny asks his mom if he can shower with her.

“of course honey. It’s your birthday. Just don’t look down.”

Johnny looks down. “mommy, what’s that?”

“why, that’s my garage sweety.”

As bedtime approached, little Johnny asked if he could sleep with his parents.

“of course kiddo,” his dad replies. “it’s your birthday after all.”

As they’re settling down to sleep, little johnny in the middle, he turns to his father and asks,

“Daddy, shouldn’t you park your limousine in mommy’s garage for the night?”

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