Little Johnny Is Learning The Alphabet.

This Is Truly Hilarious.

Little Johnny is learning the alphabet…

Little Johnny uses any excuse to disrupt class and say something rude.

And his teacher is going through the alphabet and asking for examples of the letters.

“Who can tell me a word that starts with ‘a’?”

Johnny’s hand shoots up.

And she knows, *she knows* he’s gonna scream “a$s!” and the day will be ruined.

So she calls on Sheila.


“Oh, so good Sheila. Great work. Who has a ‘b’ word?”

And of course Johnny is leaping up, “me! Me! I KNOW ONE!”

“Uhhh, Anthony! Whaddya got Anthony?”


“Great. Work. Anthony.”

And she goes through the rest of the alphabet.

Dodging Little Johnny every time. And finally, the class is silent when she gets to ‘r’.

“Anyone? Anyone know a word beginning with ‘r’?”

Nobody but Johnny, apparently. His hand is high.

The teacher thinks about it for a bit.

She runs through all the potential words, and cannot for the life come up with a bad r-word.

With trepidation, she says, “ok. Johnny. What starts with ‘r’?”

“A rat, miss!”

“*A big f*ckin’ rat*.”

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