Little Johnny Forgot To Do His Science Homework.

What Follows Next Is Funny.

Little Johnny forgot to do his science homework on insects…

And his teacher was furious.

“Right.”, she said.

“If you don’t bring in a sheet filled with facts about insects by tomorrow, it’s detention for you!”

The next day, Little Johnny arrives at his classroom early and tells the teacher that he didn’t do his homework, but he has an amazing fact about spiders to show her instead.

Johnny’s teacher is, of course, angry, but finds herself intrigued by what Johnny could have.

She agrees to let him show it to her.

Johnny then pulls out a large spider and places it on the teacher’s desk.

“Jump!” He commands, and the spider leaps up into the air.

“Impressive.” The teacher remarks.

“It gets better miss!” Johnny replys, pulling out a pair of tweezers from his pocket.

Then, very carefully, he pulls off one of the spider’s legs.

“Jump!” Johnny says again, and the spider immediately hops straight into the air.

Johnny continues pulling off the spider’s legs, one after the other, and each time it’s able to jump straight into the air on Johnny’s command.

Eventually, the spider has only one leg left.

“Jump!” Johnny says once again, and the spider still manages to leap upward.

“Remarkable!” Johnny’s teacher blurts out.

“I didn’t think you could train spiders like this, I suppose I can forgive you for not doing your homework.”

“It gets better miss!” Johnny says, and before his teacher can stop him, pulls off the spider’s last leg.

“Jump!” Johnny commands, but this time the spider’s body remains motionless.

“What did you do that for?” The teacher asks, annoyed.

“Don’t you see Miss?” Asks Johnny,

“When you remove all of a spider’s legs, it goes deaf!”

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