Little Johnny And His Father Were Out On A Walk.

This Will Blow Your Mind.

Little Johnny and his father were out on a walk…

On their walk, the two encountered a pair of doggies in an act of doggie passion in the middle of one of the neighbour’s lawns.

“Ewww…WHAT are they doing, Daddy?!?”

“Well son, um, I guess you could say that they are making puppies.”

The father grabbed Johnny’s hand, and they continued their walk in peace.

Later that night, the johnny heard a commotion coming from his parent bedroom.

He quietly made his way up the stairs and nudged their door open, finding his father and mother in the midst of an energetic lovemaking session.

“Daddy!! What are you DOING!?!?” asked Johnny

the father said, “Ahh…Son! We’re, uh, making you a new sister…yeah…”

“No! You need to flip Mom over…I want a puppy!”

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