There Was This Little Boy Who Had No Name.

This Is Hilarious.

There was this little boy who had no name.

One day he went outside and heard someone say, Jonny.

He then tells his mother his first name would be Jonny.

The second day he goes outside and hears the name Humper.

So, he tells his mother his middle name was going to be Humper.

The third day, Jonny goes out and hears the name, Harder.

Then, he tells his mother his full name shall be Jonny Humper Harder.

Jonny goes out one day with a handful of cookies.

He sees this girl around his age and asks her if she would be willing to take off her shirt for a cookie.

The little girls say that she would take off all her close for all of Jonny’s cookies.

Jonny gives her the cookies and the girl takes off all her clothes.

Hours later, the towns people all run up to them in the middle of the street and they cry,


Little Jonny yells,


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