Laundry Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain. Mom Uses $1 Sink Mats To Make Laundry So Much Easier

The Dollar Store is a wonderful, wonderful place, full of amazing objects all for the low price of just $1! (Aren’t most objects amazing at that price?) Anyways, if you haven’t ventured into a Dollar Store recently, then you’re missing out. And chances are that your home is a disorganized mess as well.

Source: Do it on Dime

You see, not only can you find a bunch of stuff you probably don’t need but must have in dollar-land, but also, you will find a bunch of seemingly random objects that actually serve a very useful purpose: to help you organize your home.

From using ice-trays as earing organizers, shoe-storage as a wrapping paper holder and lightweight baskets to keep your stairs from becoming another storage closet, there are hundreds of Dollar Store hacks out there that you just have to try. We’re going to share one of them with you today.

Laundry is a chore that no one wants to do but that most of us have to do on a daily basis if we want to keep it from turning into incontrollable mountains of dirty socks and undergarments (at least, this is the case if you have children). Washing is the easy part–it’s the folding that really grinds our gears (am I right?). Well, one mom said no more to her being the only one in her family to fold laundry, and so she made a quick stop at the Dollar Store.

What did she pick up? Six plastic sink mats and duct tape (or white tape, any adhesive works). She brought them home and taped them together in three rows of two, or two rows of three–whichever way you look at it, it creates the same shape.

Source: Do it on Dime

Then she called her loving children over to her laundry mountain and showed them a magical trick that would teach them responsibility and shed some of the weight from her own shoulders.

Most children–even those as young as 2–can now join in on the laundry-folding fun! They simply have to lay a shirt over the taped-together mats, fold in the sections, and voila! Their clothes are folded!

The best part is that most kids want to use the fancy new contraption, making them excited to lend mom a helping hand.

Source: Do it on Dime

If you’re tired of being the only person in your household who folds laundry, and if you want to teach your children responsibility without all the whining and temper-tantrums that usually come with such an endeavor, head on over to your local Dollar Store and pick up the supplies you need. Don’t be surprised though if you walk away with several more genius household hacks.

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