Johnny's Grandpa Came To Visit.

This Will Make You Go ROFL.

There was a little boy named Johnny whose grandpa came to visit.

Grandpa said to Johnny

“I’m so glad we get to spend some time together! Tell me, what would you like to do? We can do anything you want!”

Johnny replied, “To tell you the truth grandpa, my very favourite thing is to go to the store and get candy.“

Grandpa replied “Candy? Why back in the good old days I used to love to get candy! That was my favorite thing to do! Tell me, Johnny, where do you go to get candy these days?“

Johnny replied, “Well Grandpa, Mommy takes me to the Bulk Barn.“

“The bulk barn? Why, back in the good all days, we didn’t have Bulk Barn. We had the Five and Dime store, and you could get purt’near anything you could need there, including all the candy you could want!”

Well, Johnny thought that sounded pretty good.

Then Grandpa asked him “So tell me, Johnny, how do you get to the bulk barn?“

“Well Grandpa, it takes about 10 minutes by car to get there.“

“10 minutes by car? Why back in the good old days we didn’t have to get a ride. We could just walk ourselves right over to the five and dime. Or if we wanted to get there twice as fast we could take our bikes!“

Well, Johnny thought that sounded pretty good too.

So they got in the car and started driving toward the Bulk Barn.

Then Grandpa asked Johnny “Say tell me, Johnny, how much do you usually spend on candy at the Bulk Barn?“

“Well, Mommy usually gives me five dollars to spend.“

“Five dollars?!?“ Grandpa nearly drove off the road.

“Five dollars?? Why, back in the good old days, we didn’t have five dollars. Back in the good old days, I could take a single nickel to the five and dime store, and I would come home with two chocolate bars, a bag of chips, three bottles of pop and a whole pocketful of gum!”

“Wow Grampa, is that because the five and dime store was so cheap?“ asked Johnny.

“No“ send Grandpa.

“It’s because back in the good old days they didn’t have security cameras.“

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