Johnny Was Walking Home From School.

This Will Make You Go ROFL.

One evening Johnny was walking home from school with a little girl.

He tells her he’ll give her a penny if she climbs up that tree.

So she goes up and comes back down and he gives her a penny.

When the girl gets home she showed her mother the penny,

Her mother asked where did you get that she said Johnny gave it to me for climbing up a tree,

Then her mom to told her she must not do that because he just wanted to see her panty.

So the next evening Johnny tells her again I’ll give you a penny if you climb up that tree again

So she climbs up until little Johnny tells her she may come down again, and Johnny gave her another penny.

When she gets home she tells her mom again, I got another penny from Johnny for climbing up a tree she tells, here again,

“You must not climb a tree for any boys they just want to see your panty”

The little girl says,

“But mom he didn’t see my panty this time because I took it off before I went up the tree”.

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