Johnny Was Busy Sleeping In The Class.

This Will Blow Your Mind.

Little Johnny was busy sleeping in the class when the lesson was going on.

The teacher caught him and asked him.

Teacher: Why are you sleeping while I was teaching? You are not listening!

Little Johnny: Madam, your voice was so sweet, that’s why I slept off.

Teacher: Then why are others not sleeping?

Little Johnny: Because they are not listening.

Teacher: Ok, if you said you were listening, give me 10 examples of wild animals!

Little Johnny: Hahahahahaha, this I can’t answer? Common ten examples of wild animals?, the question is too cheap.

Teacher: Just answer it.

Little Johnny: Ok! Ten examples of wild animals are 4 lions, 3 cobras, 2 tigers and 1 gorilla.

Teacher fainted.

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