Husband Tells The Wife.

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Husband tells the wife that he is going for a 3-day church conference.

Wife packs his bag, prepares breakfast for him and says,

“Darling, let’s pray together before you leave.”

Husband says, “Yes.”

Wife prays loudly,

“Oh Lord! Grant my husband travelling mercies.”

Husband: “Amen!”

Wife: “Oh Lord! Let my husband’s mind not waver. Let him become impotent if he commits adultery.”

Husband: Silent!

Wife: “Oh Lord! If he commits any adulterous act, let him not come home alive.”

Husband silent. Now starts sweating!

Wife: “Oh Lord! If he cheats his wife, kill him…”

Husband: “Oh shut up! I am no longer going! The holy spirit just told me that the meeting is cancelled!”