Once There Was A Guy That Went In A Whorehouse.

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Once there was a guy that went in a whorehouse and says,

“What can I get for five bucks?”

The madam says, “Second door on the right and f*ck whatever is there.”

He goes, sees a pig, figured “Whaddya want for five bucks?” and f*cks it.

The next week he comes back and asks what he can get for $20.

The madam says, “Second floor, second door on the right, watch what happens.”

He goes in, sits down and looks down, he sees a glass floor with a view of a guy fucking a chicken on the first floor.

He says to the man next to him,

“Look at him with the chicken. That’s crazy.”

The guy responds,

“You shoulda been here last week — some guy was f*cking a pig!”

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