A Guy Walks A Woman To The Door After There First Date.

This Will Surely Make You Laugh Crazy.

A guy walks a woman to the door after there first date.

He asks her if she had a good time.

She tells him yes but that to get her really horny, she likes her men to be Rough, Tough & Selfish.

The next week, the guy picks her up for their evening out dressed in a biker’s black leathers.

He grabs her, throws her on the back of his newly rented Harley, and away they go to the nearest biker’s bar.

The whole evening is spent drinking and brawling with the bikers.

When they get back to her house, he drags her up to the bedroom.

He asks her “Well, was I rough?”

“Yes” she purrs and rubs herself suggestively.

“And was I Tough?” he asks.

“Oh yes,” she moans.

“Well then, it’s time to be selfish”.

So saying, he whips it out and gives himself a hand-job.

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