Frank Was A Guy.

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Frank was a guy who always looked on the bright side of things.

As a result, his friends used to constantly get irritated with his eternal optimism.

No matter how horrible the circumstance was, he would always reply,

“It could have been worse.”

Aiming to cure him of his annoying habit, his friends decided to create an imaginary situation that would be completely bad, totally terrible, that even Frank should not find any hope in it.

So one day when they were playing golf, one of them spoke up,

“Frank, did you hear about Tom? He came home last night, found his wife in bed with another man, so he shot them both and then turned the gun on himself!”

“Yeah, I know that`s awful,” said Frank,

“But it could have been worse.”

“How in the hell could it have been worse?” wondered another guy bewildered.

“Well,” replied Frank,

“If you guys are talking about what happened the night before, I`d be dead now!”

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